Congratulations on the organization committee and the chairpersons for organizing this wonderful conference! It was a great forum to update knowledge and formulate clinical research on osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders.
Prof. Guangju Zhai
Newfoundland, Canada
Discipline of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland

First of all I would like to extend my congratulations to the organizing committee of the 7th BMJD Congress for putting up an excellent program. The topics were very interesting and relevant to my practice. It was my first time to attend and I highly recommend it to my colleagues. I learned a lot of new things and was kept up-to-date. As a twitter user, I was also able to share highlights /important points thru live tweeting. Looking forward to the next congress!
Sheila Marie M. Reyes, MD

I would like to congratulate the chairpersons and the organizing committee for this wonderful meeting! I am sure the attendees have enjoyed this unique meeting like I did.
Prof. Lai Shan Tam
Hong Kong
Division head and a professor, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

The meeting was fantastic and I really enjoyed the discussion for the hot topics in the area by global key opinion leaders.
Tsutomu Takeuchi
Chief of Rheumatology
Keio University School of Medicine
General Director of Keio University Hospital

I am very happy for my participation at the 7th World Congress on Controversies, Debates & Consensus in Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseases (BMJD).
There was a lot of new knowledge from clinical trials in the world. I hope they will be soon applied to patients.

Huong Nguyen Thi

The meeting is good for us to upgrade our knowledge. I hope to have opportunity to attend the next meeting.
Vu Thi Thanh Thuy
Associate Professor
Vietnam Rheumatology Association

Good variety of topics. Excellent lectures
Aileen Agbanlog, MD
I.M. - Rheumatology
St Luke's Medical Center

The level of expertise and knowledge of the presenters was excellent. In addition, I appreciated their positive attitude, willingness to explain concepts and opportunities to ask questions. I am looking forward to participating in the coming Congress.
Dr. Aung Ko Oo
Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
It was my pleasure to have participated in the BMJD Congress. I also learned a lot from the different topics discussed.
Jose Paulo P. Lorenzo, Philippines

The 6th BMJD Congress in Bangkok gave an excellent overview and update of the major fields in Rheumatology including inflammatory arthritis, systemic diseases and osteoarthritis. Both basic research and clinical issues were presented, and pros and cons of management were discussed assisting the clinician in decision making. A particular advantage of this worldwide congress including a diversity of countries with different health care systems is finding solutions for the management of rheumatic diseases adapted to financial and human resources.
Monika Østensen, Norway

The Conference lived up to its expectations. The topics were contemporary, the pace unhurried, discussion time adequate and interactions one to one.
Look forward to the next edition!

Rohini Handa, India

The meeting has been a great learning experience for me.
Hyun Ah Kim, South Korea

I would like to congratulate you for the very interesting program and for the excellent organization of this edition of BMJD.
Antonio Lovallo, Italy

The conference was great with excellent speakers, a wonderful location and fabulous hotel. One of the best 'boutique' conferences I have attended.
Belinda Beck, Australia

The congress was very informative, I enjoyed it thoroughly and learnt a few pearls. The location was enchanting.
Maninder Mundae, Australia

It was indeed a pleasant experience for me to attend BMJD congress for the first time. I liked the theme of the congress and speakers were just brilliant deepening my insight into the Clinician's perspective into the Rheumatological disorders. I am a Formulation Scientist and got good information about the challenges that Physicians are facing with the existing drug therapies of Rheumatology. The venue selected for the congress was awesome and the food was good too. I look forward to BMJD congress in future too. I was an enriching experience to present in front of clinicians and receive Young Scientist Award.
Amanpreet Kaur, India

I have fun times along the congress and satisfied with the event. The invited speaker was awesome and I got lots of additional information that useful for my study.
Iffah Madzuki, Malaysia

It was altogether great experience being a part of the conference. All the sessions were extraordinary.
Rishika Jadai, India

This was a very well organised conference and a unique and productive way to interact with colleagues through discussing contentious contemporary matters around osteoarthritis.
Ric Day, Australia

Thank you for the good organization of the congress. Everything was very interesting. I will be glad to participate in your future medical conferences.
Svetlana Livshits, Israel

It was my first time to attend BMJD meeting, over all a good experience. I am not clinician but my work focuses on translational research and this meeting gave me a good perspective on what the clinicians and their patients think or give priority when it comes to treatment or what to focus on developing new treatments.
Farasat Zaman, Sweden

Excellent, well organized.
Amihud Chernov, Israel

Absolutely brilliant conference. Very knowledgeable guest speakers, relevant topics and great venue. Food was brilliant too.
Andrew Miller, UK

The level of discussion as well as the diversity of subjects were outstanding.
Demissew S. Mern, Austria

The meeting was excellent. It is a familiar meeting and the format makes easy the networking. It is remarkable the equilibrium between groups of diseases. My residents have a great time because it was a handy meeting.
Alex Olive, Spain

It was an amazing update meeting for those of us who are interested in OA or for those who want to know news about the disease.
Ingrid Möller, Spain

I would like to say, that the level of the speakers was very high. The debates and the controversies were stimulating, challenging and enriching. The last, but not the least, the atmosphere was friendly, familiar and comforting.
Alberto Migliore, Italy