Friday, September 1, 2017

08:00-08:55 Lecture: Spinal pain in osteoarthritis: The elephant in the room
Chairperson Graeme Jones, Australia
08:00 The source of the problem revealed
Nikolai Bogduk, Australia
08:20 The challenges of its management
Manuela Ferreira, Australia
08:40 Discussion
08:55-09:25 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
09:25-10:20 Round table: Hand osteoarthritis: A challenging disease
Chairperson Caroline Brand, Australia
09:25 Assessment of disease symptoms and patient function
Tore K. Kvien, Norway
09:40 Hand imaging: Its usefulness to assess disease severity, progression and prognosis
Helen Keen, Australia
09:55 Treatment
Philip Conaghan, UK
10:10 Discussion
10:25-11:20 Lecture: Understanding osteoarthritis: Focus on the patient
Chairperson Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada
10:25 Patients’ perceived needs in the management of osteoarthritis
Anita Wluka, Australia
10:40 Development of Australian clinical care standards for osteoarthritis: Pitfalls and lessons
Rachelle Buchbinder, Australia
10:55 Patient phenotyping: Key to targeted therapy
Flavia Cicuttini, Australia
11:10 Discussion
12:25-13:30 Lunch Break and Poster Viewing
13:30-14:25 Debate: Biomarkers usefulness in osteoarthritis
Chairperson Anita Wluka, Australia
13:30 Dream
Philip Conaghan, UK
13:50 Reality based on clinical trials
Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada
14:10 Discussion
14:25-15:00 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
15:00-15:55 Debate: What has imaging taught us about osteoarthritis?
Chairperson Flavia Cicuttini, Australia
15:00 No place in the routine assessment of osteoarthritis
Caroline Brand, Australia
15:20 What suggests that MRI should be part of the routine early osteoarthritis exam?
Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Canada
15:40 Discussion

Saturday, September 2, 2017

09:05-10:00 Lecture: Therapies of osteoarthritis (I): The patient comes first
Chairperson Nikolai Bogduk, Australia
09:05 Patients reported outcomes value added and application in daily practice
Ilana Ackerman, Australia
09:20 Pain relief in osteoarthritis. A friend or a foe?
Richard Day, Australia
09:35 Do early life factors affect the development of osteoarthritis in later life?
Graeme Jones, Australia
09:50 Discussion
10:05-11:00 Round Table: Targeted therapies in osteoarthritis (II): The usefulness of intra-articular therapy in knee osteoarthritis
Chairperson Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada
10:05 Should we be worried about the placebo effect when using intra-articular therapy?
Milton L. Cohen, Australia
10:20 Can we identify responders to intra-articular therapy in knee osteoarthritis?
Jean-Pierre Raynauld, Canada
10:35 The future of intra-articular therapy in osteoarthritis
Juan Jose Scali, Argentina
10:50 Discussion
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
11:30-12:25 Debate: Targeted therapies in osteoarthritis (III): Most recent advances in osteoarthritis therapy: Fact or fiction?
Chairperson Mohit Kapoor, Canada
11:30 Stem cells (basic science view)
Yuanyuan Wang, Australia
11:45 Stem cells (clinical view)
Patrick Hanrahan, Australia
12:00 Platelet-rich plasma
David Connell, Australia
12:15 Discussion
13:30-14:30 Lunch Break and Poster Viewing
14:30-15:25 Round Table: Symptomatic slow acting drugs (SYSADOAs) in osteoarthritis treatment: The clash between disbelief and hard data
Chairperson Xiaofeng Zeng, China
14:30 The guidelines: Who to believe
Jean-Pierre Raynauld, Canada
14:45 Most recent studies exploring treatment effectiveness on symptoms and structural changes in osteoarthritis
Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada
15:00 Alternative treatment to symptomatic slow acting drugs in treating symptoms and structural changes
Catherine Hill, Australia
15:15 Discussion
15:25-15:45 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
15:45-16:40 Lecture: Assessing disease symptoms and structural changes: Accuracy and sensitivity is everything in osteoarthritis
Chairperson Rachelle Buchbinder, Australia
15:45 How to assess pain in osteoarthritis
Sharmayne Brady,
16:00 Is the evaluation of articular structure by MRI valuable in the identification of osteoarthritis treatment responders?
Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Canada
16:15 Osteoarthritis: Not just loading and age
Flavia Cicuttini, Australia
16:30 Discussion
16:45-17:15 OA Oral Abstract and Award Presentations
Chairperson Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Canada
16:45 Examining the clinical correlates of subchondral bone marrow lesions detected on two MRI sequences
Siti Maisarah Mattap, Australia
16:55 The course of back pain in middle-aged women over nine years: Data from the Australian longitudinal study on women’s health
Sharmayne Brady, Australia
17:05 Non-conventional role of pain at other sites for association between knee structural pathology and knee pain and cartilage loss
Feng Pan, Australia