CME/CPD Accreditation

An application will be made for CME/CPD accreditation to the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) for the 6th World Congress on Controversies, Debates & Consensus in Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseases (BMJD).

The EACCME is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS):

The CME/CPD accreditation is valid for the main congress program only.

Educational needs and expected outcomes

  • Assess and appraise controversial issues based on the latest findings by leading scientists in the field of osteoarthritis, immune-related diseases, lupus and vasculitis.
  • Evaluate best practices in osteoarthritis, immune-related diseases, lupus and vasculitis.
  • Discuss new scientific knowledge and recent research findings in the field of immune-related diseases, lupus and vasculitis.
  • Recognize opportunities for scientific collaborations around the world
  •  Integrate the most up to date information in their clinical and research activities
  • Evaluate the most important aspects of diagnosis and treatment in immune-related diseases, lupus and vasculitis.
  • Presentations, discussions and debates will focus on the latest developments in immune-related diseases, lupus and vasculitis.

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest (COI) 

All declarations of potential or actual conflicts of interest, whether due to a financial or other relationship, must be provided to the EACCME® upon submission of the application. Declarations must include whether any fee, honorarium or arrangement for re-imbursement of expenses in relation to the event has been provided.

Industry support disclosure

We confirm that all funding provided is free of any attempt to influence the program, individual sessions, subjects for discussion, content or choice of faculty members conflicts of interest. Support of the Congress is kept in strict accordance with CME/CPD accreditation criteria.

Industry support may be viewed here.