3 Reasons to Attend BMJD

  • 1. Chance to interact with International and Asian experts from all areas of rheumatology in one place.
  • 2. You get, at one congress, updates on major topics of interest for your practice.
  • 3. BMJD aims to reach consensus on controversial issues through debates and expert opinion.

Who Should Attend BMJD?

• Rheumatologist • Nurses
• Orthopaedists • Students
• Endocrinologists • Residents
• Rehabilitation Specialists • Public Health Professionals
• General Practitioners • All those interested

Endorsing Societies

APLARThe Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology
JCR MSR Perhimpunan Reumatologi Indonesia
 Philippine Rheumatology AssociationSingapore Orthopaedic Association