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Jean-Pierre Raynauld, Canada
P11 NAMPT is an essential catabolic regulator of RA-mediated periodontal inflammation
Jehwang Ryu, Korea
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Kazushige Seki, Japan
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Kazushige Seki, Japan
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Piotr Wiland, Poland
P15 Assesing sleep quality by patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
Piotr Wiland, Poland
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Belinda Beck, Australia
P17 Development of an Australian clinical care standard for osteoarthritis of the knee to promote consistency in the management of knee pain due to osteoarthritis
Rachelle Buchbinder, Australia
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Loures Habouri, Canada
P19 Calcium-phosphate increases MMP3 and MMMP13 through NFkB, p38, Erk1/2 MAP kinase signaling in hypertrophic chondrocyte?
Seungwoo Han, Korea
P20 Influence of Cowpea isoflavones and vitamin D in stimulating the osteogenic gene expression for the treatment of osteoporosis using MG-63 human osteosarcoma cell lines
Rishika Jadai, India
P21 Gene expression profiling for confirmation of effects of DNA polymeric molecules on in vitro arthritis model
Hyun Jung Kim, Korea
P22 Microcurrent as a preventive and therapeutic treatment for calf muscle atrophy in immobilized rabbit
Dong Rak Kwon, Korea
P23 Labisia pumila protects cartilage degradation in cartilage explant and postmenopausal rat models of osteoarthritis
Iffah Nadhira Madzuki, Malaysia
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Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Canada
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Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Canada
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Sang Hoon Park, Korea
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Sang Hoon Park, Korea
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Gi-Young Park, Korea
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Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada
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Jean-Pierre Raynauld, Canada
P32 Assessing the quality, reliability and readability of online health information regarding osteoarthritis
Mathew Reynolds, Australia
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Abolfazl Amjadipour, Iran