Session Lecture: Spinal pain in osteoarthritis – The elephant in the room
The source of the problem revealed
Nikolai Bogduk, Australia
The challenges of its management
Manuela Ferreira, Australia
Session Round table: Hand osteoarthritis – A challenging disease
Assessment of disease symptoms and patient function
Hand imaging: Its usefulness to assess disease severity, progression and prognosis
Graeme Jones, Tasmania
Philip Conaghan, UK
Session Lecture: Understanding osteoarthritis – Focus on the patient
Patients’ perceived needs in the management of osteoarthritis
Anita Wluka, Australia
Development of Australian clinical care standards for osteoarthritis: Pitfalls and lessons
Rachelle Buchbinder, Australia
Patient phenotyping: Key to targeted therapy
Flavia Cicuttini, Australia
Session Debate: Biomarkers usefulness in osteoarthritis
Philip Conaghan, UK
Reality based on clinical trials
Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada
Session Debate: What has imaging taught us about osteoarthritis?
No place in the routine assessment of osteoarthritis
Caroline Brand, Australia
What suggests that MRI should be part of the routine early osteoarthritis exam?
Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Canada
Session Lecture: Therapies of osteoarthritis (I) –  The patient comes first
Patients reported outcomes value added and application in daily practice
Ilana Ackerman, Australia
Pain relief in osteoarthritis – A friend or a foe
Richard Day, Australia
Do early life factors affect the development of osteoarthritis in later life?
Graeme Jones, Tasmania
Session Round Table: Targeted therapies in osteoarthritis (II) – The usefulness of intra-articular therapy in knee osteoarthritis
Should we be worried about the placebo effect when using intra-articular therapy?
Milton L. Cohen, Australia
Can we identify responders to intra-articular therapy in knee osteoarthritis?
Jean-Pierre Raynauld, Canada
The future of intra-articular therapy in osteoarthritis
Juan Scali, Argentina
Session Debate: Targeted therapies in osteoarthritis (III) – Most recent advances in osteoarthritis therapy: Fact or fiction
Stem cells (basic science)
Yuanyuan Wang, Australia
Stem cells (clinical)
Patrick Hanrahan, Australia
Platelet-rich plasma
David Connell, Australia
Session Round Table: Symptomatic slow acting drugs (SYSADOAs) in osteoarthritis treatment – The clash between disbelief and hard data
The guidelines: Who to believe
Jean-Pierre Raynauld, Canada
Effectiveness in treating symptoms
Effectiveness in treating structural changes
Jean-Pierre Pelletier, Canada
Alternative treatment to symptomatic slow acting drugs in treating symptoms and structural changes Catherine Hill, Australia
Session Lecture: Assessing disease symptoms and structural changes – Accuracy and sensibility is everything
How to assess pain in osteoarthritis
Sharmayne Brady,
Is the evaluation of articular structure by MRI valuable in the identification of osteoarthritis treatment responders?
Johanne Martel-Pelletier, Canada
Osteoarthritis: Not just loading and age
Flavia Cicuttini, Australia